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Open Paths Athens at Antiracist Week in Brussels

Open Paths Athens participated in the Antiracist Week held in Brussels, where crucial discussions surrounding racial justice, political participation, empowerment, and solidarity resonated deeply within the civil society organizations (CSOs) present. The following report outlines key takeaways and actionable insights gathered during the event.

Key Points Discussed

1. Racial Justice and Political Participation:

- Emphasis was placed on moving beyond reactive responses to racism and exclusion. CSOs expressed a strong desire for proactive involvement in discussions from the outset, advocating for active participation and sensitivity from politicians and individuals lacking lived experiences of migration.

- The importance of fostering allyship and support within the community was underscored as a means to address systemic issues and promote inclusivity.

2. Accountability and Empowerment:

- CSOs acknowledged their responsibility in holding authorities and institutions accountable for the implementation of policies and laws aimed at combating racism and discrimination.

- Concerns were raised regarding the EU's approach to migration, highlighting the need to challenge policies that limit civil space and perpetuate racial inequalities.

3. Economic and Social Justice:

- Social policy was identified as a central component in addressing racial justice and combating racial capitalism.

- Attention was drawn to the securitization of racialized communities in Europe, with particular concern regarding the EU AI pact and its potential implications for marginalized groups.

4. Human Rights and Criminalization:

- CSOs expressed alarm over the criminalization of racialized communities, citing ineffective policies that exacerbate barriers to equality and equity.

- Concerns were raised about the underrepresentation of non-Caucasian MEPs and the normalization of racism and hate speech within democratic spaces.

5. Data Obligations and Transparency:

- Calls were made for enhanced data collection on a regional and national level to address algorithmic bias and ensure transparency in monitoring systems.

- Adequate funding for civil society organizations to facilitate the creation of effective monitoring mechanisms was deemed essential.

Challenges and Opportunities in AI and Migration

- The discussion encompassed the opportunities and challenges posed by AI in society, particularly in law enforcement and migration.

- Participants emphasized the importance of combating discrimination by addressing algorithmic bias and safeguarding human rights in AI applications, such as medical diagnosis and surveillance.


1. Advocate for proactive engagement and sensitivity from policymakers and stakeholders.

2. Strengthen alliances and support networks within the community.

3. Hold authorities and institutions accountable for the implementation of anti-racism policies.

4. Address the securitization of racialized communities and advocate for transparent AI policies.

5. Increase data collection efforts and funding for monitoring systems to combat racism and discrimination effectively.


The Antiracist Week in Brussels provided a platform for meaningful discussions and collaboration among CSOs dedicated to advancing racial justice and combating discrimination. Open Paths Athens reaffirms its commitment to these principles and stands ready to implement the insights gained during this important event.

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