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Together, we strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the refugees in Athens, providing a sense of belonging and support during their journey to a better future.


Our mission is to support individuals, communities and other grassroots organisations in Athens to grow by supporting them with expert consultation, knowledge and advice.


We believe in sharing our knowledge to support and empower members of our community.

Policy & Advocacy

In addition to our programmatic work improving health equality, Open Paths addresses these health inequalities by influencing policy and practice. We promote the needs of our communities to the government, health providers, and other Third Sector organisations to share best practices and ensure appropriate service provision.

WOMEN Empowerment

A specialist programme for anyone who is 18+ and identifies as a female refugee, asylum seeker, undocumented and domestic violence survivors living with HIV and who have experienced traumatic events. We support women to overcome their trauma through:

Mi-Health HIV Partnership

Open Paths Athens is improving access to health services for refugees, migrants and their relatives of different origins, focusing on HIV/AIDS.



Open Paths provides counselling and psychotherapy to those experiencing difficulties with their sexuality, sexual health and relationships. We work with adults and couples experiencing issues of a psychosexual nature. We also specialise in working with people from marginalised communities. Our counsellors have a range of languages and cultural backgrounds.

The results were roughly similar for men and women. In the United States, however, 87% of people living with knew their HIV status in 2019, and only 83% of people on treatment had suppressed viral loads (4).


Also, some countries in the eastern part of the region remain below 90–95% on several targets, notably antiretroviral therapy coverage (such as Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania, Romania and Serbia). source

Sexual Health Advice

Here you will find a range of information to help you feel in control of your sexual health and wellbeing. Whether you’re exploring your HIV prevention options, interested in long-acting contraception, or want support with your drug and alcohol use, you’ll find guidance and resources below. We also offer workshops and training to staff, community groups and influencers covering everything from HIV awareness and prevention through to cultural competency and #LGBTQ+ inclusion.

Community-tailored Support

We understand that different communities under the umbrella of 'BAME' - Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic have different needs, outlooks and challenges. That's why we tailor our support to each community so you can talk to someone who understands your unique needs.

HIV Care & Support

This service is designed to support people living with HIV. We link all our beneficiaries to care, ensuring access to social, psychological, medical and pharmaceutical services and materials.


Add Value to Humanity

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