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Open Paths Athens stands in solidarity with the people of Palestine

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Open Paths Athens joins more than 100 organizations across the EU in solidarity with the people of Palestine. We co-sign an open letter through Pan-European Solidarity with Palestine, available at Open letter for Palestine to EU political leaders.pdf - Google Drive

In response to the recent tragic events in Israel and Palestine:

  • We condemn the widespread loss of life and destruction, emphasizing the violation of international humanitarian and human rights laws.

  • We urgently call for the protection of civilian lives, advocating for an immediate ceasefire and the delivery of humanitarian aid by the EU and its member states.

  • We express concern about the rise in hate speech and hate crimes targeting Jewish and Muslim communities in Europe due to the conflict, and we call for concerted efforts to address this issue.

  • We stress the urgency of impartially addressing ongoing violence and suffering, fostering a climate of accountability, justice, and peace for all communities.

  • We affirm the equal worth of every human life and call on European leaders to uphold the principles of humanity and justice while actively seeking peaceful solutions.

  • We extend free mental health support to affected communities.

Together, let's work towards peace, healing, and justice for all.


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