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WOMEN Empowerment

A specialist programme for anyone who is 18+ and identifies as a female refugee, asylum seeker, undocumented and domestic violence survivors living with HIV and who have experienced traumatic events. We support women to overcome their trauma through:

· The self-expression, sex & relationships group: this group is a safe place to grow your self-esteem and to learn more about sexual health, HIV, pleasure, sexual rights and your well-being.

· The turnaround group: together we decrease self-stigma by increasing self-confidence and self-esteem. In this group, we explore coping strategies, share successes and stories and strengthen the mind/body connection so that we can work through trauma.

· Individual psychological sessions: A safe, private space for you to talk about various difficulties such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, a recent HIV diagnosis, disclosing you HIV status, stigma, trauma, family difficulties and/or relationship or sexual concerns.

All groups are facilitated by peers and Open Paths Athens staff once a week either in-person or virtually. The sessions are free of charge and we would like to invite you if your interested to please contact us and come and have a discussion with our team.

WOMEN Empowerment
WOMEN Empowerment


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