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Mi-Health HIV Partnership

Project Summary

Open Paths Athens is improving access to health services for refugees, migrants and their relatives of different origins, focusing on HIV/AIDS.

In Greece, asylum seekers and undocumented migrants are some of the most vulnerable groups. We often see that our clients may avoid early medical treatment or healthcare that they are legally entitled to for fear of discovery and deportation. At Open Paths Athens, we are closing this gap by establishing contacts with vulnerable migrant communities in Athens and creating safe spaces for our clients to make informed decisions, maintain good health and fulfill their potential without restriction. We create a confidential and friendly atmosphere and offer convenient healthcare services.

Our goal is to improve and promote the primary and secondary prevention of HIV, AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). We offer:

· Testing

· Psychosocial counselling

· Information sharing

· Safer sex education and practices

We do this through:

· Outreach activities in Athens

· Creating awareness of HIV and other STIs within migrant communities

· Offering trainings and events to empower people living with HIV and for people at risk for HIV living with HIV

· Offering individual and group support sessions

· Creating educational and informative materials to combat stigmatisation and to provide information on STI prevention

· Providing orientation and referral advice for specialised healthcare services

We are working to reduce newly diagnosed infections among migrants. Our educational programmes and awareness-raising activities challenge the negative narratives surrounding those affected by HIV/AIDS, their families and their communities.

Mi-Health HIV Partnership
Mi-Health HIV Partnership

Mi-Health HIV Partnership
Mi-Health HIV Partnership


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